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Our strategic planning services help institutions leverage their mission, purpose and vision. We offer a comprehensive review of your current position and actions in order to determine where you should be and how to arrive there.


Our approach is thorough.

  • Extensive research

  • SWOT analysis

  • Define goals, strategies and tactics

  • Establish measurable evaluations


To start the planning process, schedule your institution's discovery call today!




Job Search Facilitation

Having built a robust network, Beverly & Associates offers job search facilitation services to help you find the eagles to fill any position. Our expertise and foundation of relationships expand into every area of higher education, making the search process seamless and thorough.


We will assist with the development of institutional policies and procedures that are in accordance with both institution and governing body standards.


We understand the EADA is a massive document that needs to be completed in a timely manner and with accuracy. Our experts can guide you through this process.


Don't wait until the national governing bodies come knocking. Let us do a review of your department's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and necessary changes.


No school wants to be on the list of non-compliant institutions. Title IX can be difficult to navigate, but our team is ready to help you have a department that functions within the law's regulations.

What they're saying about us...


Dr. Debbie L. Sydow

President, Richard Bland College of William & Mary

In assessing opportunities for operational improvements for Statesman Athletics, Beverly & Associates approached the task as though they were bona fide members of the athletics team. Engaging with us as supportive colleagues, Dr. Beverly and Dr. Hendricks' extensive knowledge, experience and passion for athletics shone through in every aspect of their engagement on campus. From their preliminary assessment to on-campus interviews, to the delivery of a final report, they were laser-focused on contributing to program improvements. which they did in extraordinary measure.


Dr. Kristene Kelly

Sr. Associate Athletic Director/SWA, Dartmouth

As a new AD, it was important to get an objective review of our athletics department. Beverly & Associates came in and was extremely professional, worked according to our schedule and budget and delivered a very detailed report along with specific examples we could implement immediately. Drs. Beverly and Hendricks’ versatile experience throughout not just college athletics but higher education as a whole is one of their secret weapons. That diverse perspective allowed them to truly provide an unbiased assessment of our athletics department. I would recommend Beverly & Associates to anyone who’s looking for a thorough external review of their operations. You will not be disappointed.

Interim President Jackie Jenkin-Scott 500x500.jpg

Jackie Jenkins-Scott
Interim President
Roxbury Community College

Roxbury Community College retained Beverly & Associates to recruit a seasoned executive to lead our Track and Athletic Center.  Our experience working with Sharon Beverly and her team was exceptional! They understood our needs and in just three short months, provided RCC with a highly qualified and talented pool of candidates.  If you are looking for a highly professional, knowledgeable, and well connected,  search firm focusing on the range of athletic positions, Beverly & Associates is the firm to retain. 

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